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This was the first time trying a First Aid Beauty products and so I wanted to make sure I gave you a good review. This is the Ultra Repair Face Moisturiser which I heard about on YouTube first and mainly from the American youtubers as it was available there first and was really hyped up!

I really don’t give in to hype so it took me a while to decide to buy something from the brand but when I saw a set in the Feel Unique sale I couldn’t pass it up.

So, let’s get in to what I thought!

Product description (from website)

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer provides immediate hydration whilst softening and nourishing the skin.

Delivering the same restorative power as the best-selling Ultra Repair Cream but developed specifically for the face, Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer is a light-weight, quick absorbing moisturiser ideal for anyone with normal or dry skin.

Featuring First Aid Beauty’s Antioxidant Booster blend of Liquorice Root, Feverfew and White Tea to combat free radicals and a fusion of Meadowfoam Seed and Avocado Oils to soften and hydrate skin. Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer delivers instant rehydration with a velvety soft finish.

Colloidal Oatmeal relieves itching and soothes irritated skin whilst Shea Butter moisturises the skin and helps to protect the skins barrier function to prevent moisture loss. Free from artificial fragrances, Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer leaves even the moist sensitive of skin feeling soft, hydrated and well nourished.


This has a cute simple pump action packaging. There is something that reminds me of superheroes about the packaging so it gives me the impression it will be amazing.

ultra repair face 2


There is a slight scent to this product and it’s almost like a very light clean calamine lotion scent (it’s really not strong though). To me this smells exactly like the Kiehls ultra facial cream.


The texture is lovely and light, a sort of gel like consistency. I find you only need half a pump because of this as it goes really far.

ultra repair face 3


This is amazing. It does exactly what it says and to me, not only does it smell like the Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream it feels like it and performs like it, which is amazing as I ran out only just before I started using this. I use it in the morning only and I find that it keeps my skin feeling really good all day. I feel hydrated, my skin feels plump and it is a nice cold feeling so calms the skin too. This is definitely the time of year that it works best too.

Final thoughts

This is actually not as expensive as the Kiehls one (from £15.25 ) so it is most likely going to be in my repurchase list for the future. I wish I had tried it sooner to be honest but really glad I found it.

Have you tried anything from this brand?