Luna 1

I have been so excited to bring this review to you of the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil.

I received this small sample (about 5ml) in my Space NK 25 days of advent beauty and I have been using this very sparingly and still have over half left but I want to tell you what I think of this magic little potion.

Claims (from the Space NK Website)

A next-generation retinoid oil to reduce pore size, improve appearance of damaged skin and help fight wrinkles.

With an advance retinol complex, Luna helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles while simultaneously correcting damage caused by the sun, time, and pollution. Use this oil before bed to notice firmer, clearer skin by morning. Trans-retinol ester fights the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of skin elasticity while an essential oil complex calms and soothes skin. Cold pressed avocado, chia, and Concord grape seed oils sink into skin for quick absorption of actives while boosting radiance.

Luna 2


The packaging for this sample is a little glass bottle with a pipette but I do know the bigger size is a lovely square bottle with thicker glass.


In the evening, following your main cleanse and second cleanse, after serum and if you want, moisturiser, add two or three drops to the palm of your hands, rub them together and smooth over your face. Sleep.


This is a typical light oil…it’s not greasy at all and sinks in to skin really quickly.


I am not going to lie, the scent of this product is not my favourite. It’s very herbally however it’s subtle enough to not linger for too long so I can bear it. If you’re sensitive to strong scents you have had a warning. Maybe try to get to a Space NK to smell it.

Luna 3


Yes, it’s Blue! This unique oil is blue in colour. It’s a deep navy blue. This doesn’t translate on to your face once applied and it doesn’t stain (if you’re sparing with the product). I love that about it. Makes it so appealing.


This is where this get’s exciting. As you may be aware I am in love with over night face serums, creams, gels and oils and this is like a little miracle worker.

My skin feels so incredible and plump and soft and just revitalised, even when my dog Rupert wakes me up at 3am (most nights at the moment, grrr!) I still wake up to amazingly soft skin. AND THE BEST THING. You just sleep through it’s magical skin wonders.

Waking up after using the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night oil feels like you have had a facial in your sleep, without the cost and the embarrassment of snoring on the table.

I believe there is something in the herbalness that really aids sleep too, which is why I feel like I sleep better.

Plus, Luna, what a lovely name, it reminds me of a character from Harry Potter.

Final thoughts

I will definitely be buying a full size of the Luna Sleeping Night Oil, even at the princely sum of £85 because of two reasons, it’s AMAZING and this tiny sample has lasted such a long time meaning a full size bottle will probably last me a year!