Over the Christmas break we bought a static bike to try and build up our fitness so when I was approached by JD Williams to try some of their Sports Wear I was super chuffed.

I am turning 37 tomorrow and it means I have 3 years till I am 40 which is actually really on my mind. I think I want to make sure that by the time I am 40 I have done more to make sure I stay healthy.

Let me make myself clear, exercising to get healthy does not equal weight loss. I believe you can be fat and fit. I always was when I was younger and it’s only now I am getting older I have noticed that I am starting to slow down.

I struggle to walk at the moment as I have a bad foot and I find myself out of breath going up one flight of stairs. I want to avoid those things so half an hour on our new static bike will help to build up fitness and stamina.  Not only that, I truly believe that exercise is brilliant for mental health and for helping with sleep. At the moment I don’t sleep well and I can’t switch off. I have a very stressful and high octane job with deadline pressures all the time so I really want to exercise to wind down.

I am by no mean sporty – I hated P.E. when I was a kid but I did it and it did do me good. I am also not a sports fan, apart from Ice Hockey (Let’s go Steelers!) so I never considered sports wear in my wardrobe.

I chose 4 items.

Pineapple jogging bottoms

I haven’t taken photo’s of. The reason for this is they haven’t allowed for a booty and they are not suitable for exercise because of that. I can just get away with them as lounge wear.

X Neck sports top

sports 1

sports 2

I LOVE this top – I love it. It’s a lovely sweatshirt material with long sleeves and thumb holes (don’t you just love these?) and a ruched detail on the shoulders.

sports 3


There is a little zip on the bottom of the top at the back which is great for an inhaler (which I need) or your phone/ipod for music.

I got this in a size 24 and it fits really nicely. I am a size 26 on my bottom and a 24 on top so it’s true to size.

I paired it with the following.

Sports High Waist Print Leggings

sports 4

sports 5

These are a size 20. I always size down in leggings as I have very slim ankles and they always have good stretch.

The material is nice and light and like lycra leggings of old. The print I absolutely love, so much fun.

My favourite thing about these are the hight waist. This makes them so comfortable and you know they are secure for cycling and potentially, yoga (I am definitely thinking about this now because of these).

The final item I received was:

Body Star Performance Full Zip Hood

This doesn’t have a hood but I actually prefer that.

sports 6

sports 7

This I got in a 24 again, and it fits nicely.

The thing I like about this is the back comes down a bit more than the front so if you are doing your exercise with too much enthusiasm you won’t bare your back and give yourself a chill or flash at anyone either.

For me these have been a welcome addition to my wardrobe as I have certain goals (like I said at the beginning of the post) which I absolutely want to achieve and these will help me on my way for sure.

Have you been wanting to do more exercise? Do you have any sports wear you love to wear? Have you checked out JD Williams Sports wear collection?

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sports 8