Am I the last to know about this brand? Possibly. But I really didn’t believe that there would be tights that would fit my body. Big enough and comfortable enough to fit my thighs and bum but also tight enough around my ankles.

When Snag Tights first caught my eye it was through the instagram page of Sally – cuttinnstickin who I found on the off chance because I saw she had the same hair as me, then I saw the tights on her and thought they looked incredible.

Tights cuttinandstickin instagram

Don’t they look fabulous?

I went straight to their site to look at the different tights and the price. To my surprise they were really good value. The ones I really liked were the colourful ones which are £6.99 each.

I then noted they have automatic discounts added if you buy multiple pairs:

  • 10% off for 3 or more items
  • 15% off for 5 or more items
  • 25% off for 10 or more items

I love companies that are affordable AND great quality. It really proves that you can cater for all without slamming on a huge pricetag! Especially when we are all trying to save money.

I ordered 5 pairs, a black pair, Builders Tea (beige), Raspberry Pie (Dark Pink), Burgundy and Pumpkin Spice (Burnt Orange).

I received them wrapped in lovely tissue paper and within 3 days of ordering.

I decided I needed to put them on for work the next day and popped on the Raspberry Pie pair with an all black outfit.

tights raspberry pie

This sounds silly but they really lifted my spirits. A dash of colour to brighten my (and all my colleagues) day.

My first thoughts

I pulled them on and I was initially worried I wouldn’t get them over my bum, then when they went over easily I then realised that they also fit my thighs well.

They seems really stretchy and nice fitting, really quite comfortable.

I do have incredibly small ankles for my size so I wasn’t sure they would fit both my bum and the weird sized ankles I have but they did.

Any negatives?

I am only 5ft 2 and I probably should have gone with the size below as I do think these are a little too long for my 26 inch legs. However, this isn’t the biggest issues. At least I can pull them up to my bra line so they stay put.

The positives though?

Well they outweigh any negative really as they did 2 things that other tights don’t do.

They stayed up. They didn’t fall down taking my knickers with them like they did in John Lewis C. 2010 (oh this was so embrassing…)

They were easy to go loo in. Other tights take FOREVER to pull back up after having a wee. These were almost like leggings with feet in which is great as I wear leggings literally every single day.

tights burgundy
Snag Tights in Burgundy

My final thoughts

It has been such a pleasure to try these tights out for myself now and see what the fuss is about because the hype is real. These are great tights.

I think I will be buying all the colours in the future because these already have bought me joy.

For reference, I am 5ft 2, I am a size 24/26 with a big bum and thighs and I am wearing size F. I might try the smaller size just to see if they will fit me in the length better.

Have you tried Snag Tights yet?

Will you?

tight pinterest pin