Simply be

I am loving the return of some of my favourite things from the 90s, chokers and Gingham monochrome definitely are giving me the summer feels.  So when I was asked to pick an outfit from Simply Be that described my summer style I couldn’t resist this Gingham Dress.

There is a place near where I live in Derbyshire that I really wanted to take photo’s of this outfit and with it being really sunny recently I feel like it really shows off the way to wear this beautiful outfit.

Simply be 2

The material on the dress is nice and light and I chose a size 26 but I think I could have gone smaller as it was a nice thin material.

I have to admit, if you’re taller than me the gingham dress will be a little short. I am 5ft 2.5 (yes the half counts!) and it was just above the knee.

I wore this with a little black choker which came from a set of four, a pair of leggings (standard) and suede ankle boots.

Simply be 3

Simply be 4

I went with a pop of colour with the pixie camera bag and matched it with my lips and of course I went with a little ankle boot to finish the outfit.

The bag looks small but holds so much. Perfect for holiday when all you need is your camera, phone, lipstick and your money. Definitely one for bloggers and instagram enthusiasts. I love the chrome detailing too.

Simply be 5

Simply be 6

I do love colour in the summer but really wanted to try something different. I don’t ever get my legs out, not because I don’t like them but I just have worn something on my legs for so long they get cold, even in the Summer. I seem to have conditioned them somehow.

Simply be 7

Simply be 8

I also love a boot, knee high in the winter and ankle in the summer. I find them so comfortable and they are perfect for a walk in the woods.

Simply be 9

Simply be 10

Simply be 11

Simply be 12

Simply be 13

This was my first photoshoot, I have to admit I was pretty nervous and I really enjoyed it. Admittedly this outfit did help boost my confidence. I felt good in this and I don’t often enjoy swing dresses but this felt really good.

Simply be 14

Simply be 15

Simply be 16

(A couple of outtakes)Simply be 16

Simply be 17