Social 1Throughout my time on social media (and I am talking from the MySpace days!) there has been a growing need to extend and grow ones following.

There are those that grow quickly, either they had a concept first or are naturally ‘popular’ but most people on social media are just vying for attention, numbers, asking, no, begging for you to follow them.

And at first it was, who had the most friends. You know because popularity is a contest but now it’s because the more followers you have the bigger the ‘influencer’ you are. Even if you don’t engage with any of them or even follow anyone else. Not sure how much influence you have in that case but you know, numbers mean dollars on social media.

I am not saying that those that have big numbers didn’t work hard to get them because I believe they all have! It’s a tough world out there and I think anyone who has managed to be successful in the numbers game needs to be celebrated and given their dues!

So, why the decision to stop asking? Well, since I started my blog in 2010 (which was so much more different to the blog you see today) I have asked, every day, every post, every video and the numbers grew but it didn’t feel better. It didn’t matter what goal I set myself I wasn’t happy when I got there.

I was comparing myself to others, why did they have more? Why wasn’t I doing as well? and let’s be honest – we all know how that ends…it just makes you feel bitter and lose sight of what is important.

So I decided to think about WHY?

Why am I asking people to follow?

To what ends?

The ultimate questions is WHY SHOULD THEY?

I decided that because I have a day job that pays the bills and because blogging and vlogging is a hobby I should just enjoy it for what it is. Engagement is my favourite part of blogging so I concentrate on commenting and reading and responding to my comments (when I can!)

However, Social Media, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (and snapchat etc) I have decided to treat them in a social way. Yes I will still share my blog posts but I also want to be social. Chat, engage, laugh, enjoy and ultimately have an online social life!

Social 2

I will no longer ask you to follow me in every post or video…because it’s cool if you do and it’s cool if you don’t. My only ask is that if you want, engage, say hi, chat to me. It’s my favourite thing. Be social!