Caribbean 1

” Lovable Lashes, Caribbean Spices, never heard of it!”

Well you will do soon because this little (well not little) beauty of a palette is so gorgeous it’s been in high demand and sold out twice!

You might recognise the layout of the palette in terms of it being a 35 pan palette similar to the morphe ones but that is the first palette to come from the wonderful lady, Tammi Clarke,  behind Lovable Lashes.

Tammi has her own YouTube channel and of course lash line but decided that 2016 she would launch this palette.

I only found out about it from two of my favourite beauty vloggers, SophDoesNails and Beauty Breaks with Vicky, and I had to check out the original video showing off swatches by Tammi.

The inspiration behind the palette was her caribbean heritage and the colours of the spices found from the area.

So, what can I say about this palette?

Caribbean 2


This has a basic black plastic packaging with a clear window which I have to say I much prefer to the Morphe palettes. With the palettes being large they are hard to hold anyway and with a mirror it would make it really heavy so the fact you can see the eyeshadows is a great idea.

Caribbean 3


I had no doubt in my mind the shimmers would be fantastic but what has surprised me is how wonderful the matte shades are in this palette. There is no fall out from these shades and they are so pigmented but not too chalky. Definitely a great formula.


Tammi says in her video here that these are highly pigmented and she is absolutely correct. I actually found that some of them stained my skin as the pigmentation was so intense.


I find that with most of the shadows work well with a dense flat brush. I also really like using my finger with the more metallic shades to get more colour pay off.


These are so long wearing and they really do look beautiful on the eye. The colours are really well thought out and it definitely suits all skin types, however if you are pale like me there isn’t a base shade but honestly – that is a minor thing as, if you’re like me, you have SO many in other palettes anyway or you have a single you use for this reason.

Caribbean 4

Final thoughts

This is a beautifully well thought out palette and it’s so nice to support another Beauty YouTuber / Influencer in providing great products to the community.

I know she has now released two new palettes and am excited to get my hands on them.